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A major general warned tourists in Egypt about a new danger

For tourists vacationing in Sharm el-Sheikh, the weather can make an unpleasant surprise. They were warned about this by the head of the tourism province of South Sinai, Major General Khaled Fuda.

According to him, quoted by the Egyptian press, although in the resorts, that is, in Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab, Nuweiba, and Taba, the weather is mild for most of the day, it is distinguished by “high air humidity and active winds.” As a result, “wind activity” can lead to dust storms.

According to a statement from the provincial government, the main danger from dust storms is on the roads in the city of Tur Sinai, which is little known to tourists, for the fourth consecutive day of bad weather, as it “experienced intense wind activity”, resulting in the formation of dust storms with sand and dust on the roads that impair visibility. At the resorts, according to him, the degree of readiness for all relevant services has also been increased. Rains also fell in some cities, which, however, did not turn into downpours.

Another warning for tourists was issued by Major General Tariq Abed, the head of the city of St. Catherine. He reminded all those going on tours that on Tuesday morning Moses was recorded with a temperature of 11 degrees.

On Mount Saint Catherine, it is even lower – 9 degrees. Therefore, “international tourists” who go to the mountain every day to meet the dawn there are advised to dress according to the weather.

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