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A human skeleton was found on a beach in Antalya, Turkey

A human skeleton was found on a Mediterranean beach in Antalya province. The remains have been sent for examination.

It was specified that in the small town of Finike, in the province of Antalya, a human skeleton was discovered buried in the ground. A witness who gave evidence to police said that on the morning of December 7, he noticed fragments of a skeleton on the beach. Gendarmerie officers arrived at the scene, cordoned off a section of the beach, and did not allow tourists to enter. During an inspection of the area, they discovered that the bones had been buried. After studying the find, experts confirmed that the recovered skeleton belonged to a person.

The Prosecutor General’s Office Finike began an investigation into the incident. It was reported that the human skeleton would be sent to the Istanbul Forensic Bureau after the prosecutor and crime scene investigators completed their work.

Information: Finike is a small city in southwestern Turkey, off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The population is only 11,200 people. The city is touristic, although travelers know little about it. The city gets its name from the ancient Greek word φοῖνιξ (phoinix), which means “palm tree” or “Danish palm tree”. There are beaches in Finike, where archaeologists have more than once found objects from ancient times. Tourists visit it to relax on the coast and study history.

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