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A giant shark came to the beach of Hurghada

A giant whale swam to the popular beaches of Hurghada, attracting the attention of tourists. Her appearance in the coastal waters of the Red Sea became an unexpected and significant moment that will contribute to the revitalization of tourism in the region, reported the Egyptian website Dostor.

Eyewitnesses who observed the sea creature managed to take pictures and record a video to publish the rare phenomenon on social networks. The videos and photos drew the attention of other travelers who said they were ready to go to Hurghada immediately – all for the sake of seeing this giant with their own eyes.

As noted by the publication, the tiger shark, which vacationers should not be afraid of, became free advertising for Egyptian resorts in September. Events like this give a positive image and free publicity to the resorts, which is important for the tourism sector.

We will remind you that earlier in the waters of the Red Sea near the popular resort city of Hurghada in Egypt, the camera of one of the divers captured the appearance of a creature that almost disappeared due to human fault – a mermaid – read the details here.

Reference: The whale shark is the largest of the shark species, its size reaches 20 meters. Unlike most sharks, it feeds on plankton and does not pose a danger to humans. It lives in the tropical waters of the World Ocean and makes long migrations. Despite bans on its fishing, the number of giant fish continues to decline due to slow reproduction and poaching. The number of whale sharks in the world remains unknown.

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