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A drastic change in the weather is expected in Turkey

The downpours that “painted” the sea in Antalya in a brown color, which upset many tourists, as well as part of the roads of the resort, which flooded, will soon leave the territory of the main resort province of Turkey, and the weather will more or less improve. The third day of winter should be the last day of bad weather in Turkey – forecasters reassured tourists.

At the moment, partly cloudy with rain is still promised in Antalya, but the sun is already showing. In the coming weekend, the weather will become sunny and warm again – approximately +20-21 in the afternoon, with few clouds. That is, tourists will not be disappointed. Like early next week.

They will have to hide under the roof only next weekend: on December 8-10, rain and a temperature of about +16 degrees are promised. However, it is worth considering that the long-term forecast of coastal weather does not always work.

But in the resorts of the main winter beach destination – in Egypt – with sunbathing, everything is the opposite: abnormally cloudless weather is forecast for the whole of December. Read the details in the article “An unusual winter has come to the resorts of Egypt: there will not be a single typical day in Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh throughout December.”

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