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A couple of tourists left a baby at Ben Gurion Airport, not wanting to pay for his ticket

Ryanair employees were shocked by the decision of a couple of passengers to leave their child at the check-in desk at an Israeli airport after arguing over the need to buy a separate ticket for the child.

According to The Jerusalem Post, a couple of travelers with Belgian passports on January 31 were heading to Brussels through Ben Gurion Airport (Tel Aviv). However, before registration, parents were informed that they would have to pay extra for a place for their child. Instead, they just left their baby in the pram at the counter and went to passport control.

“We’ve never seen anything like it. We couldn’t believe what we saw,” a Ryanair employee told a local publication.

According to the Israel Airports Authority, the couple was late for their flight to Brussels and seemed eager to go through security at the airport – with or without a baby.

“The check-in agent at Ben Gurion Airport contacted the airport security who picked up these passengers, and now it’s up to the local police,” a Ryanair spokesman said.

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