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A British tourist urinated on a plane seat after being denied access to the toilet

After a quarrel with his neighbors, a tourist urinated directly on the seat of the plane and disrupted the flight. Together with him, several participants of the disorder were detained. The incident occurred on board an airliner en route from Manchester (Great Britain) to Tenerife (Spain).

According to the Mirror newspaper, the plane of the British low-cost airline Ryanair made an emergency landing when one of the passengers needed a seat right in front of everyone. According to witnesses, the brawler looked “very drunk and wild”, constantly jumped from his seat, and annoyed others with inappropriate behavior. Stewardesses and male tourists convinced him to calm down, but he wasn’t listening to them.

“In the end, he decided to go to the toilet but was refused. That’s why he stood up and simply relieved himself in the free place,” said eyewitnesses of the NP.

The actions of the violator provoked a conflict, several other travelers were involved in the quarrel. As a result, the crew decided to make an emergency landing at the nearest airport on the island of Madeira in Portugal. The plane continued its flight after the police removed the participants of the incident from the plane.

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