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8 Russian tourists died while climbing a volcano in Kamchatka

Eight people died while climbing the highest active volcano in Eurasia, in the eastern part of the Kamchatka region of Russia, reports the BBC concerning local media.

Due to bad weather, the rescuers have not yet been able to reach the other four climbers on the Klyuchevska Sopka volcano. Earlier it was reported that six people died, bTV reports.

The guide on the volcano confirmed the death of two more people. They were among 12 Russians trying to reach the summit at an altitude of 4,754 m.

Two of the climbers are believed to have taken refuge in a camp at 3,300m and the other two in a tent at 4,000m. The group, which included two guides, began their ascent on Tuesday.

One of the guides reportedly broke his leg. The condition of the other climbers was not known.

A third attempt was made on Sunday to reach the survivors, but strong winds prevented the helicopter from landing, rescuers said.

Klyuchevska Sopka, whose symmetrical cone rises above the Kamchatka Peninsula, is part of the natural volcanoes of Kamchatka, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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