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In Iceland, the city was evacuated and the resort was closed due to the threat of a volcanic eruption

Fagradalsfjall volcano awakens in Iceland. Based on data from the meteorological service, an earthquake of magnitude 5.5 can be expected in the near future, which will trigger an eruption of ash and magma. The outbreak is located several tens of kilometers from the capital of the country, Reykjavik, and Keflavik International Airport. The aviation color code has been upgraded to orange.

According to media reports, on the evening of November 10, local authorities decided to evacuate the population of the town of Grindavik, located 2-3 km from the craters. In 1.5 hours, the police visited all residential buildings, and by morning everyone was taken out of the area.

The administration of the Blue Lagoon spa resort was the first to respond to the dangerous manifestations. On November 9, she announced the closure of the famous geothermal complex for a week – until November 16. All tourists who made a reservation for these dates have received notifications and are promised a full refund.

According to the local tourism board, other tour operators also suspended their activities. The district promptly closed one of the roads and pedestrian paths to geo-objects.

Seismologists have recorded 1–2 thousand small tremors in recent days. According to scientists, the main processes occur at depths of 3–5 km. The weather service’s charts predict that the magma will take several days to reach the surface.

Fagradalsfjall eruptions have occurred over the past 3 years: in 2023, from July 10 to August 8. According to preliminary estimates, the current one may exceed all previous ones in power.

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