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7 ideas for an inexpensive seaside vacation in 2022

Summer is coming, and the 2022 season is open, which means it’s time to start preparing for our seaside vacation.

This is the moment when we ask ourselves the question: Where to go this time?

This is usually followed by a long organization, including transport, hotels, and attractions, and when we draw the line, we see that we are actually about to pull a substantial amount out of our pocket.

If you want to lose weight this year, but have more than enough fun, we have prepared 7 proposals for a seaside holiday in Europe that will not empty all your savings:

1. Marmaris, Turkey

Turkey has already opened its doors and is waiting for tourists at one of the favorite resorts of many visitors – Marmaris. This place is known for its great luxury hotels, impeccable service, and delicious food, and the prices are more than reasonable for this quality.

2. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

This year Sunny Beach will welcome local and foreign tourists. Whenever you bet on an iconic resort, you can’t go wrong. There are also many all-inclusive hotels to be found here, and the nightlife is expected to be as usual this year.

3. Sliema, Malta

It is impossible not to mention Malta in the list of good summer vacation destinations, as for a small country it offers a lot of opportunities. Sliema is only 5 km from the capital Valletta, where you can often find cheap tickets. The place itself is non-standard and exceptionally suitable for walking and relaxing.

4. Paphos, Cyprus

If you are looking for something different from the famous destinations in the south of our country, you can look to Cyprus. This small island combines all the virtues of the Greek and Turkish cultures and offers very beautiful views. You can often find cheap flights to Paphos, and accommodation will not be a hindrance.

5. Thassos, Greece

Thassos is Thassos. The Greek island is extremely popular. All hotels on the island are of high class, the beaches and water are clean, and the prices are not higher than in our resort.

6. Costa del Sol, Spain

The Costa del Sol is one of the key destinations in Spain for the summer. Located in the southern part of the country, you can find several extremely picturesque towns nearby, so you can combine your holiday with cultural enrichment. It will make your summer vacation unforgettable. The money you need for this will not harm the family budget in any way.

7. Algarve, Portugal

Portugal is an extremely beautiful country and the Algarve region is amazing. It is suitable for the beach almost all year round, so you can go to a warm country at any time. It’s the right place for summer, especially towards the end of it, and in terms of affordability – Portugal is known for its low prices.

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