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There will be no more cheap air tickets in Europe

Experts from the French investment company Allianz Trade told why tourists should no longer rely on cheap flights across Europe.

Analysts conducted a study and found out that there will no longer be flights across Europe costing from 7 to 40 euros: due to accumulated problems, air carriers are forced to raise prices.

Thus, the cost of jet fuel has almost doubled since the beginning of the year (+89%), and to save money, airlines have to optimize schedules and cancel flights.

Another factor in the increase in ticket prices is the gradual transition to more environmentally friendly fuel with special additives, which is two and a half times more expensive than regular fuel.

In addition, there is a need to renew the fleet in the face of higher lending rates, higher wages for employees, and rising costs for airport services.

According to experts, ticket prices will increase by another 21% in 2022, which will make both domestic and international flights much more expensive than they are now. According to forecasts, by 2025 the price of flights from low-cost airlines will double and will not be lower than 50–60 euros.

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