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The budget airline warns of a “sharp rise” in ticket prices

Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary has warned that air fares will rise sharply next year as more people want to fly to Europe. Especially next summer, according to European media.

According to forecasts, the huge demand for recreation will coincide with an increase in the number of flights, which automatically means an increase in ticket prices. This probably applies to all other airlines.

“I think next year there will be a sharp resumption of tourism in all parts of the world and especially in Europe. And the reason I think prices will be much higher is because of the crisis and the pandemic, airlines have a much larger capacity.” , – said O’Leary in an interview with The Sunday Times.

Here are some examples. Wizzair reduced its aircraft by 6 million seats, Flube by eight million and Norwegian by almost 24 million. Alitalia is reducing its fleet by 40%.

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