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A missile attack on a US military base in Syria. No fatalities

On Wednesday night, a missile attack was launched against a military base near the town of El Tanf, where US Special Forces are stationed, US military sources said. The shelling did not lead to serious casualties and casualties.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the attack was carried out using two unmanned aerial vehicles and several small missiles.

One of the drones was supposed to hit part of the barracks occupied by the US special forces, and the other – the part where the forces of the Syrian opposition are stationed, writes Associated Press.

According to the Syrian Human Rights Observatory in London, there were no casualties in the Syrian part of the base either.

Al-Tanf is one of three official border crossings between Syria and Iraq and the main checkpoint on the road between Damascus and Baghdad. American soldiers were deployed there in 2016 with the aim of training military formations fighting against the Islamic State, which previously occupied the area.

Damascus has never concealed its dissatisfaction with the American presence in El Tanf. The Syrian-American barracks are strategically located on an international road linking southern Lebanon, where Hezbollah’s pro-Iranian forces are stationed, as well as Israel and Iraq.

None of the groups have yet considered themselves guilty of Wednesday’s coup.

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