The Turkish ship sinks during loading in the Spanish port of Castellon

According to information received on May 30 from the Turkish consulate in Barcelona, ​​the Turkish ship sank in the evening of May 28 while loading cargo in the port of Castellon in eastern Spain.

An Indian sailor and a Spanish port worker went missing after falling into the sea.

The crew – nine people, including five Turks.

The consulate said that the cargo ship under the flag of Panama “Nazmi Ana” overturned while loading cargo in the port, losing its balance.

Spanish authorities continue to search for 22-year-old Indian citizen Bhan Pratali and 36-year-old Spanish citizen.

The rest of the crew is healthy, Turkish citizens will be sent to Istanbul on May 29.

  The Turkish Meteorological Service has issued a yellow warning for Istanbul and Ankara

The ship, which arrived from the port of Barcelona, ​​was to go to the port of Bejaia, Algeria.

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