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Smartphones will disappear in 10 years

Експерти прогнозують, що за все через десять років смартфони повністю вимруть, їх замінять інші технології.

Currently, a mobile device is only required for user authentication and information transfer. A person can be identified in different ways, for example, by face, fingerprints and voice, and information can be projected on a wall or mirror using an IoT sensor (IoT – “Internet of Things”).

“So, the phone is obsolete, in 10 years it will disappear, we, the people, will replace it. And the grandmother, who got lost in the city center, does not need to call anywhere: she can ask the walls “How do I get home?”, And the wall will show her the route with an arrow.

A smartphone, like an implanted chip, is an outdated technology, so it will be obsolete in ten years.

Earlier, American scientists have created a device that can produce energy from human fingers. It is a thin strip that attaches to the ends of the phalanges. The greatest amount of electricity is produced during the formation of sweat and soil contact with surfaces (piezoelectric effect).

Source: BGNES

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