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Panic broke out in Turkey over the new rental law

Panic over new rental law in Antalya: After strict laws on renting houses for tourism came into force, those who made money from it “panicked and started looking for documents”. This is what the Turkish Turkm Guncel writes.

As the president of the Chamber of Boarding House Owners of Antalya, Özcan Suçu, said, according to his estimates, about 70,000 houses in the center of Antalya are being rented out, and most of them were operating illegally. “When the law was passed, there was a serious atmosphere of panic. Especially among those who earn well in this business. Everyone is interested in the question “How to get a document.”

As experts add, landlords are trying to negotiate with their neighbors, without whose consent, according to the new law, they will not be able to get the document. Including giving expensive gifts and promising to increase their share in total expenses. “Our main objective is to fix this issue and make the verification process strict,” Suju added.

As Ismail Çaglar, president of the Realtor Chamber of Antalya, added, especially landlords were frightened by huge fines. “That’s why they study the law and try to convince their neighbors,” he says.

At the same time, the authorities “on the ground” are sure that greater chaos is ahead. Because there are still issues with approval and everything else. “Everyone is in a panic. When the inspections and fines start, chaos will ensue. Because people can’t convince their neighbors,” said Yusuf Elmas, head of the Güzeloba district of Muratpaşa district in Antalya, where daily rent is one of the popular ways to earn money.

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