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Eurostat reported how much it is now possible to buy a house in different European countries

Real estate prices in different European countries fluctuate significantly. The lowest average statistical price tags for housing with an area of 100 square meters. recorded in Bulgaria, and the highest – in Switzerland, and the run-up is colossal. The information was published by Eurostat.

“In city centers and beautiful, quiet suburbs – the European housing market is very diverse and offers many accommodation options,” the experts said.

We will provide detailed information about the cost of houses in various European countries:

  1. Austria. €492,500 for new houses with an area of 100 sq.m., that is, the price of 1 sq.m. in a new building is about €4,925. “Votorynka” is cheaper: you can buy a second-hand house for €373,700 on average.
  2. Belgium. On average, €310,200, that is, the price of 1 sq.m. in a new building – €3,102. At the same time, real estate prices are higher in provinces with a higher concentration of population, such as Brabant, Antwerp, and Brussels — where the cost reaches approximately €4,000 per sq.m.
  3. Bulgaria. €1,650 per sq.m. meter, the total cost of a house with an area of 100 square meters. – about €165,000. The highest prices are in the capital Sofia. There, a two-bedroom apartment will cost buyers from €145,000 to €180,000, at home up to €450,000.
  4. In Croatia. the average house price is €167,800. For example, the cost of 1 sq. m. in Split costs €2,985, and in Osijek – €1,057.
  5. Cyprus. Housing prices are slightly higher than in Croatia — €170,000. However, they are relevant when it comes to buying real estate in non-resort cities. But such locations as Limassol, La Aka, Paphos, and Famagusta are in great demand, which is why the price tag for housing there is higher – the cost of 1 sq.m. on average is €3,400.
  6. Czech Republic. The average price for comfortable family living is €375,300.
  7. Denmark €3,104 – the average price of 1 sq.m. in new houses and €2,469 in old ones. It turns out that, on average, a house with an area of 100 square meters can cost €310,400.
  8. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. The price tags for new houses are as follows: €312,000 – in Estonia, €162,500 – in Latvia, €114,600 – in Lithuania. “Foreigners in Estonia can buy real estate after obtaining permission from the authorities, and in general, only small islands and places near the border with Russia are not available for buying real estate,” the newspaper clarified.
  9. Norway – €420,400.
  10. Finland – €518,300. Foreigners can easily buy real estate in Finland, except Åland. Prices are higher in the capital.
  11. Sweden – €699,200, and a square meter of new houses costs up to €6,992
  12. France. €463,900 for new homes and €348,900 for homes on the secondary market.
  13. Germany. €480,000 – for new houses, the price per square meter in the old housing stock is €3,400.
  14. The Netherlands. €357,200, which is approximately €54,400 cheaper than the “old” house, while the price per square meter of such houses reaches €3,572.
  15. Greece. The average price reaches €361,900.
  16. Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia. The average price per square meter is €2,515. Varies from €1,927 to €1,593.
  17. Iceland and Ireland. In Iceland – €339,000, in Ireland, it is a little cheaper – €335,000.
  18. Italy, Portugal, Spain. In Italy, the average price is €189,600, the famous Italian cities of Venice and Milan may be the most expensive in Italy – €4,467 per sq.m. In Lisbon, Portugal, per sq. can ask for up to 10,000 euros. Spain On average, buying a home will cost €178,600.
  19. Poland and Romania. In Poland – €1,975 per square meter, and the average price of a house is €173,000.
  20. Switzerland’s Average price per square meter – €13,280. At the same time, you can buy real estate only if you have permission from the local authorities.

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