Qatar has opened its borders. Under what conditions Ukrainians can get

From July 12, 2021, the State of Qatar relaxed the requirements for entry into the country, which consist primarily in granting permission to non-residents of the host country to enter the territory of Qatar, the abolition of mandatory quarantine for all vaccinated persons, as well as partial relaxed requirements for Qatari nationals and residents of the country entering the country when returning from abroad.

The new entry requirements for Qatar are as follows.

To obtain a travel permit, pre-registration at is required at least 12 hours before the trip. All passengers are required to download all necessary documents and present permission to airline staff to board a flight to Qatar, or to the Immigration Service if the trip to Qatar is via land border crossings.

A PCR test no later than 72 hours before arrival in Qatar is required for boarding a flight to Qatar.

Qatari residents who are fully vaccinated are exempted from hotel quarantine, and if such persons travel from the Red List, they must pass a PCR test at the border crossing points (Hamad Airport or Abu Samra Port).

The Qatari Ministry of Public Health currently recognizes only the following vaccines:

  • Pfizer BioNTech (Comirnaty);
  • Modern (Spikefax);
  • Astrazeneca (Covishield, Oxford, Vaxepheria);
  • Janssen / Johnson & Johnson (one dose);
  • Sinopharm (conditionally recognized).

Persons fully vaccinated with conventionally recognized vaccines on arrival to avoid hotel quarantine are tested for antibodies, and if the result is positive – are released from quarantine. If the result is negative – the passenger undergoes a PCR test and he is subject to quarantine for an appropriate period, depending on the country of arrival.

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Vaccinated passengers must present the original of the vaccination certificate, which must contain:

  • the name of the passenger as stated in the passport;
  • give vaccinations;
  • the name of the vaccine;
  • vaccine lot number;
  • the official stamp or seal of the institution which carried out the vaccination.

Persons who do not have a residence permit are allowed to enter Qatar if they are fully vaccinated with recognized vaccines or have relapsed in Qatar with Covid-19, as evidenced by the relevant certificates. The recognized period of immunity is 12 months after full vaccination (after 14 days) or recovery.

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Unvaccinated non-residents are not allowed to enter Qatar.

Qatar has opened its borders. Under what conditions Ukrainians can get

EHTERAZ application

Persons arriving in Qatar must install the EHTERAZ application and activate it on their smartphone.

To do this you need to do the following:

  • Have a local SIM card;
  • Internet connection;
  • A smartphone that supports Android 6 and above or iOS 5 and above.
  • Download the app from Google Play, Apple Store or other search engines.
  • SIM cards and smartphones are available for purchase at border crossings (Hamad Airport and ground port of Abu Samra, if the passenger does not have a SIM card or smartphone.

It is possible to move through the territory of Qatar and leave the place of residence if the status of the person in the EHTERAZ application is green.

Violation of quarantine restrictions in Qatar is punishable by up to three years in prison and / or a fine of up to $ 55,000.

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