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Poland has adopted an important law concerning refugees from Ukraine

On June 30 of this year, The President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda signed the Law dated June 8, 2022, on amendments to the Law “On Assistance to Citizens of Ukraine in connection with the Armed Conflict on the Territory of Ukraine” and some other laws.

The changes include:

New regulations regarding the PESEL UKR register (PESEL-universal electronic population registration system). If this status will be automatically lost after the temporarily displaced person leaves the territory

of the Republic of Poland longer than 30 days, but within the Schengen area, it can be renewed. UKR status can also be restored if a person returns to Poland after leaving Ukraine for more than 30 days. The reason for the return must be justified – it is active hostilities at the place of residence

The changes also introduce several comprehensive solutions aimed at creating more flexible conditions in the labor market for Ukrainians, increasing opportunities for them to enroll in Polish language courses, as well as creating new childcare centers for children from Ukraine and additional places in kindergartens.

Changes have been made to the provision when direct entry into the territory of Poland from the territory of Ukraine is no longer a necessary condition for the above-mentioned Law to apply to a citizen of Ukraine. From July 1, 2022, entry to Poland can also take place through the internal borders of the EU.

The head of the Polish border service is defined as the main person, and the border service is the main competent authority, which should perform the function of a contact center to exchange information about persons enjoying temporary protection with the relevant authorities of other EU members states. Also, Polish border guards will control the catalog of subjects who have access to the registry of citizens of Ukraine, and who have been assigned a PESEL number.

By the new rules, the powers of the Government Agency of Strategic Reserves regarding the donation, storage, delivery, and export of medical products to the territory of Ukraine have been expanded (we are talking about medical devices, not drugs).

The norm, according to which forced migrants were paid monetary assistance for 40 zlotys for accommodation and food, was changed. A rule has been introduced, according to which the application for receiving money
assistance is submitted for one month only and must be submitted on the day following the expiration of the period to which the previous application was applied. Late applications will not be considered.

In addition, the innovations introduce changes to the technical and construction conditions of buildings used for the collective living of citizens of Ukraine. The introduced changes simplify the procedures related to the reconstruction and change of purpose of buildings or their parts that are in communal ownership.

The law enters into force the day after the date of promulgation, subject to several exceptions.

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