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A labor market pandemic. Despite the crisis, there are more and more permanent contracts in Poland

Despite the virus and the crisis, the number of people working indefinitely during the pandemic has increased, and at the same time there have been fewer people with less stable temporary contracts.

Compared to the period, more than 800,000 were added to the epidemic. working indefinitely. This trend is even more noticeable if you look at the share of temporary staff in the total number of employees. In the fourth quarter of 2019, they accounted for 20.7% of the employed, and in the fourth quarter of 2017 – 25.5%, in the second quarter of 2021, their share was only 15.5 percent.

Poland has ceased to be a notorious leader in temporary employment. In 2016, 21.6% of Poles worked under such contracts (1st place in the EU; the EU average was 12.2% at the time). In 2020, this figure was only 14.4 percent. (Still a high 3rd place, but with a much smaller difference from the EU average of 10.5 percent).

Why is this important? Persons working indefinitely may not have to worry about their contract not being renewed. Another advantage for workers is, among other things, the need to justify the termination of their contract and the obligation to consult about dismissal with the union.

According to her, employment growth is noticeable in industries where there were no losses during the pandemic. These include e-commerce, the IT sector and marketing.

With a fairly good economic situation after the recession, companies want to stabilize employment. The increase in the number of people with unlimited earnings indicates a significant impact of the demographic crisis on the civilization of the labor market. The lack of people who want to get a job has affected the attitude of companies. They understand that if they do not stabilize employment now, they will have an even bigger problem in the future as the demographic collapse intensifies.

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