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South African woman gives birth to 10 babies

The resident of the Republic of South Africa entered the Guinness Book of Records, giving birth to 10 children at once.

According to the news portal IOL, 37-year-old Goziam Tamara Sithole from the province of Gauteng gave birth to seven boys and three girls by cesarean section.

Goziame Tamara Sithhal broke the Guinness World Record

The birth took place in one of the clinics in Pretoria.

Goziam Teboho Tzoteci’s husband said the couple already had six-year-old twins.

According to the man, he is very happy and excited about this event.

South African woman gives birth to 10 babies

An earlier scan showed that Sithole was waiting for eight. According to the woman, at first she doubted it, believing that she would have twins or triplets. “But later I realized that it was really true,” she told reporters.

Professor Dini Mavel of the University of Medical Sciences, Sefakoi McGatto, notes that the Sithhole case is extremely rare.

According to the scientist, the babies will spend the next few months in an incubator.

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