Wine diplomacy in action: Wines of Portugal Grand Tasting 2021 was held in Kiev

On July 3, on the International Sommelier Day, one of the largest wine events of 2021 – Wines of Portugal Grand Tasting 2021 took place in Kiev at the Parkovy Exhibition and Convention Center. which are importers, distributors, HoReCa representatives, sommeliers, wine experts, opinion leaders and wine connoisseurs. More than 300 professionals attended the event to be among the first to get acquainted with the varieties and tastes that are authentic and new for Ukraine. For a large-scale tasting, winemakers brought more than 290 samples of wines from different regions of Portugal – one of the leading countries in the production and export of wines in the world.

Together with winemakers, Frederico Falcao, President of the Association of the Portuguese Wine Sector ViniPortugal, visited Ukraine on a diplomatic mission, who noted that over the past 5 years, the demand and interest in Portuguese wines in Ukraine is growing rapidly. In 2020 alone, wine exports to Ukraine increased by 52%, and according to forecasts, this figure will rise to 117% by 2023.

“Ukraine is not one of the biggest markets for us. But this is one of the markets where interest in Portuguese wines is growing the most! – says Frederico Falcao. – For the first time, Wines of Portugal arrived in Ukraine – and immediately successfully! We see that there are a lot of people willing to take part in this wine event. A large number of importers, sommeliers, experts and ordinary wine lovers have gathered here. We are very happy and we will definitely be back!”

Wines of Portugal Grand Tasting 2021 was held in three stages, each of which had its own goals. Sofia Salvador, the official wine teacher of Wines of Portugal, flew to Ukraine to conduct an educational master class for sommeliers and wine experts, who told the guests about the peculiarities of Portuguese autochthonous grape varieties, the influence of climate, soil, blending skills and other factors that make Portuguese wines truly unique.

Wine diplomacy in action: Wines of Portugal Grand Tasting 2021 was held in Kiev

A B2B tasting was organized for business representatives, importers and representatives of the Ukrainian HoReCa sphere. Within its framework, participants could not only taste interesting and unique varieties, most of which are not yet represented in Ukraine, but also get acquainted and communicate directly with the producers of these wines.

The guests were most interested in the circular tasting, where each wine lover could taste more than 290 different wines, from sparkling to world famous port.
Note that Wines of Portugal Grand Tasting 2021 took place as part of an all-Ukrainian campaign aimed at introducing Ukrainian professionals to the Portuguese wine market. A series of educational and tasting events in Ukraine is organized by Wine Events Agency, representing the interests of Wines of Portugal, represented by ViniPortugal, the official Association of the Portuguese Wine Sector.

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According to the organizers, some sommeliers and experts who attended the event noted that in Kiev they were able to taste more different Portuguese wines in just a few hours than in Portugal itself. Moreover, in the context of a global pandemic, it is almost impossible to visit Portugal and taste wine there.

“Wines of Portugal Grand Tasting 2021 is an excellent platform for communication of importers, buyers, sommeliers, and opinion leaders. This is a symbiosis of an entertainment and educational event, – noted the guests of the event. “Thanks to the organizers for the opportunity to plunge into the world of Portuguese wines, to feel the difference between the regions and grape varieties, which today remain unknown not only for ordinary wine lovers, but often for market professionals”.

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Wine diplomacy in action: Wines of Portugal Grand Tasting 2021 was held in Kiev


ViniPortugal is the official association of the Portuguese wine sector, which is responsible for promoting Portuguese wines in the world. The brand supports the European campaign WINE in MODERATION through the “A Copo” (glass of wine) initiative, which promotes responsible consumption.


  • Portugal is a country of wine diversity. Here, in a relatively small area, more than 250 types of grapes are grown – 2.7 species per 1000 km2. Such a high concentration of local grape varieties can hardly be found in any other region of the world.
  • Portugal has a leading position on the world wine map. More than 250 autochthonous grape varieties are grown here, so the country bears the title of the homeland of the variety of wines.
  • Portugal is one of the ten leading wine producing countries and ranks 11th in the export of wine products, producing 2.6% of the world wine market. In 2020, production volumes amounted to 6.3 million hectoliters of wine.
  • The reason for the success of the industry lies in the use of more than 250 autochthonous grape varieties, the uniqueness of the soil, the peculiarities of the climate: 220 days of sunshine a year, the influence of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean – and the skill of winemakers who are considered unsurpassed masters of blending. These factors best influence the taste of wines, their uniqueness and spectrum.
  • Jancis Robinson, one of the most famous wine critics and wine cellar consultant to Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, has given Portuguese red wines the highest rating for 13 years.
  • Three Portuguese wines were included in the top 12 best wines of 2019 according to Forbes magazine.
  • According to research, Portugal is ranked 1st in the ranking of the most coveted wine producers that international buyers are interested in.
  • Wine Enthusiast has named the Lisbon Wine Region as one of the Top 10 Wine Travel Destinations of 2019.
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