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Ukraine received the first batch of aid from the United States to ensure security

The Ukrainian government has received the first batch of additional aid from the US government to ensure security. This was announced on Sunday by the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

“A lot of additional help from the US government has arrived in Ukraine. In addition to the pre-agreed $ 250 million, Ukraine will receive $ 60 million worth of medical equipment, weapons, ammunition, precision weapons, and radar surveillance equipment from US partners. The cargo arrives in several consignments, one of which arrived at Boryspil International Airport yesterday, October 10, the website of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reads.

The Ministry of Defense added that since 2014, Ukraine has received logistical support from the United States totaling more than two billion dollars.

“The provision of additional assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine by the United States government is another evidence of an inseparable strategic partnership between our states,” the Defense Ministry added.

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