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The teenage subculture of PMC Redan is already in Ukraine and Poland: what it is and what to be afraid of

Recently, the network has been actively discussing Redan PMC. This phenomenon has already affected Ukraine and Belarus. In addition, representatives of this teenage subculture have already appeared in Poland. About who the PMC Redan are, what their purpose is, and whether they should be feared – in our article.

The scandalous teenage movement of the PMC Redan in Poland

At the end of February, it became known that the youth movement PMC Redan, which has been talked about for several days, appeared in Poland. This is evidenced by the presence of appropriate telegram channels. So far, this phenomenon has affected only the Polish capital, however, it may spread to other cities as well.

In telegram channels, representatives of the movement publish messages such as “We are taking Poland under our control.” Moreover, the dates and places of meetings and photos from such gatherings are posted on such channels.

Currently, it is not known for sure whether this movement is progressing in Poland. However, mass fights in Warsaw and other Polish cities were not recorded.

What is PMC Redan, and where did this phenomenon come from?

There are many rumors about Redan PMC. Some believe that it is a private military company, but it is not. This phenomenon has nothing to do with the army.

PMC Redan is a Russian youth movement that was created through the manga (Japanese comic book) Hunter x Hunter. This manga has been published since 1998, and in its universe, some so-called Hunters look for treasures and rare animals, and in addition, they also kill to order. In the universe of the manga, there is also a group called “Genei Ryodan”, whose members rob and kill.

It is impossible to say exactly what scale this phenomenon has reached in Russia, but they started talking about it on February 22. At first, this subculture arose in social networks and then moved into real life. For the first time, this movement attracted attention on February 22 as a result of a fight in Moscow. After that, a fight took place in the Russian city of St. Petersburg.

In Ukraine, PMC Redan was talked about on February 26. It was on this day that rumors began to spread on social networks that similar actions would be held in large Ukrainian cities. However, the Ukrainian police responded promptly and mass fights were avoided. For example, in Kharkiv alone, the police detained 250 people. Also, many people were detained in Kyiv, but the exact number is not known.

Belarus also faced the Redan PMC. On February 28, 183 teenagers were detained in Gomel, Belarus, and some of them, who are already older than 16, were sent into custody. Those younger than this age will soon be registered with the Juvenile Inspectorate.

Currently, it is not known for certain whether this phenomenon has spread to Poland. However, the corresponding channels have already appeared in Telegram. Representatives of this movement have already held meetings in Warsaw. But so far there have been no mass fights in the capital or other cities.

What ideology is followed by PMC Redan

Representatives of the PMC Redan do not have any specific ideology. The only goal of teenagers is not to be criticized because of their appearance. That is why they provoke fights with those representatives of society who usually do not tolerate people with an informal appearance. It can be skinheads, football fans, etc. They are called “off”. It is with them that the Redan PMC comes into conflict. In turn, officers also track representatives of this subculture.

It is quite simple to recognize the representatives of the PMC Redan. They are characterized by the following features:

  • Black clothes;
  • Hair is dyed black;
  • Clothes with the image of a spider or the number 4.
  • As a rule, teenagers appear to be 14-16 years old;

As the representatives of the subculture point out, they are not the first to provoke a fight. Their goal is to protect those who cannot fight back. And most importantly, the representatives of the movement want people with an informal appearance to get drunk. The very abbreviation PMC (Private Military Company) originated as a joke.

It is worth noting that the Ukrainian teenagers who took part in the riots did not look like typical representatives of the group. They lacked the symbols characteristic of the Redan PMC.

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