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Turkish doctors said that Antalya is a risk area for monkeypox

A new danger has loomed over the extremely popular foreign destination among Russians. It is about the increasing risk of catching monkeypox in the resorts of Turkey. This was reported by the Turkish publication Birgun concerning the board member of the Antalya Medical Chamber, Dr. Figen Sarigul Yildirim.

According to the doctor, Antalya is a tourist city, so it is in the immediate risk zone for the spread of a new disease. Even though monkeypox is usually found in the central and western regions of Africa, it was announced in May that the virus, which had already been detected in dozens of countries, mostly in Europe, had also reached Turkey. Taking into account the statement of the World Health Organization (WHO) that in the last 2 weeks, the cases of monkeypox in Europe have tripled, the center of Turkish tourism and travelers resting there are at an even greater risk of infection.

“Given factors such as the signs and symptoms of monkeypox, the absence of asymptomatic infection, transmission by close and prolonged contact, fewer mutations than a DNA virus, and the absence of easy mutations, it is unlikely to lead to a pandemic similar to COVID- 19. However, controlling the growing international epidemic requires careful coordination among public health officials, clinicians, and the public to disseminate information, obtain appropriate diagnostic tests, conduct contact monitoring, and ensure access to health care for affected individuals and their contacts.”, – noted the expert.

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