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After a 19-year hiatus: Eminem returns to acting

Grammy and Oscar winner rapper Eminem is returning to acting 19 years after his debut in the film “Eighth Mile”, according to the website of “Billboard” magazine.

Eminem, 48, will play a cameo role in the new TV drama BMF (Black Mafia Family), which tells the true story of a famous criminal family.

The producer of the series, which will air this year in the United States, is rapper Curtis Jackson (50 Cent).

The series tells the story of a criminal family involved in drug trafficking and money laundering in Detroit. Eminem will play Richard Warsch Jr., known as the White Boy of the Year, the youngest informant in FBI history who later became a drug dealer and was sentenced to life in prison for possession of more than eight pounds of cocaine. At age 52, Warshi was released last June.

For the same character in 2018 released the film “Kid Rick” starring Richie Merritt and Matthew McConaughey as Richard Warsch Sr.

“I can’t produce a series set in Detroit without inviting the legendary Eminem,” 50 Cent wrote on Twitter.

The rapper and producer announced that viewers will see his colleague in the role of a young White Boy Rick. To do this, special rejuvenating effects will be used, similar to those in Martin Scorsese’s film “The Irishman” (2019).

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