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Korea has included Ukraine in the list of countries not exempted from quarantine

As of March 9, 2021, the Government of the Republic of Korea has included Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova in the list of countries whose citizens are prohibited from issuing quarantine certificates in order to prevent the entry of new strains of COVID-19 virus into the Republic of Korea. Temporary suspension of the issuance of Quarantine Exemption Certificates to citizens / travelers from countries where new strains of COVID-19 virus have been detected is an additional quarantine measure.

Suspension period: March 9, 2021 – March 29, 2021

Humanitarian purposes: If a person is in the Republic of Korea to attend the funeral of his or her spouse, first-line relatives (parents, children), or first-line relatives of the spouse, he or she may be exempted from quarantine for up to 7 years. days. Attending a sibling funeral is no exception.

Civil servant returning home after a trip abroad: President, officials, Supreme Judge, Chairman of the Constitutional Court, Prime Minister, Chairman of the National Election Commission, Chairman of the Audit and Inspection Council, Member of the National Assembly, Member of the State Council, Ministers and Vice-ministers (including executive staff) as well as directors-general of government departments, only in the case of the immediate purpose of the trip (including executive staff).

Important business goals:
1. if the official note was sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the day before the suspension of the issuance of Certificates of Exemption from Quarantine.
2. A small number of people, such as executive staff.

Public interests:
1. Domestic and foreign athletes participating in international competitions (only the Olympic Games or the World Cup).
2. Medical personnel are required to transport patients with confirmed COVID-19, or emergency patients.

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