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Italy announces a 5-day quarantine for those arriving from the EU

Due to the sudden rise in the number of coronaviruses, the Italian government has announced a five-day quarantine for people coming from the European Union or the EU, both residents and foreigners.

Restrictions on coronavirus in the country have been tightened to help the country cope with a deadly third wave of infections. Today, the entire country is under strict blockade during the three-day Easter weekend, which begins on Saturday (April 2).

Under the new COVID-19 measure, anyone coming from any other EU country will be required to show a negative coronavirus test before leaving for Italy and a second after five days of self-quarantine. Exceptions will be made only for reasons of proven necessity and urgency.

Currently, the quarantine rules already apply to those who come from non-EU countries, and for non-residents who come from other countries, they do not have the right to enter at all.

Bernabo Bocca, head of the Federation of Italian Hoteliers, told a local newspaper: “I can’t leave my municipality, but I can fly to the Canary Islands – it’s absurd.”

Apparently, Italy was the first European country to impose severe isolation and quarantine measures after a severe pandemic. To date, more than 108,000 deaths from COVID-19 have been reported in the country.

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