Israel will repeal all Covid-19 rules next week

Coinciding with a pilot program that allows the first groups of vaccinated tourists to visit Israel, the Israeli Ministry of Health announced that all remaining coronavirus restrictions would be lifted on Tuesday.

This comes after Covid-19 in the country was almost completely eliminated as a result of a successful vaccination program.

The current number of daily cases in Israel (based on the weekly average) fell from 8,600 at the peak of the health crisis to just 27 this week with 510 active infections.

From June 1, proof of vaccination will no longer be required to visit different places, and the capacity limit of shops, restaurants and other places will be abolished.

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There will also be no restrictions on fees, whether indoors or outdoors.

The requirement to wear masks indoors remains in force for at least the next two weeks as health experts assess whether this directive should be repealed.

The current rules governing international travel will remain unchanged.

Tourists will need to follow Israeli rules.

  The "Netanyahu era" is over. New government elected in Israel
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