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Violators of COVID rules are fined at airports

India has not yet moved towards new isolation, but this does not mean that the government is reckless about the current COVID-19 scenario. The General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has ordered all airports to take punitive measures, such as point fines for all passengers who do not comply with COVID.

Travelers who violate COVID regulations at airports will have to face police action as the authorities are currently stepping up surveillance of COVID-19 in India. The Minister of Aviation of the Union H.S. warned about this on Tuesday. Puri.

Bangalore Airport has already decided to take action against those travelers who refuse to wear masks in the terminal building. Such passengers will either be expelled from the terminal or will not be allowed to board their scheduled flights. A spokesman for the airport also said that those outside the airport building, as well as people who came to board or receive luggage, would be fined 250 Indian rupees for violating the rules.

Recently, the DGCA conducted a surprise inspection of airports and found violations. According to the DGCA, compliance was unsatisfactory. The DGCA now wants everyone to adhere to all COVID-19 standards, such as wearing masks properly and maintaining social distance.

According to a Mumbai airport spokesman, “In light of the latest order, the DGCA (he) will develop a strategy with all relevant stakeholders and take any appropriate measures to protect the health and safety of passengers and staff at the airport.”

Both Delhi and Hyderabad airports said that in their experience, violators usually followed the protocol when reminded.

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