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Indian tourists are saving the Maldives’ economy

India has become the main market for the Maldives, with tourists from India taking over from other countries. The Ministry of Tourism of the Maldives, Abdullah Mausum, seems to have become the key market for the lockdown.

Indian tourists store more than 23 different types of vehicles that come to Maldivia: 44,039 Indian vehicles for the period of 40,698 children from Russia. Mousum stating that the Maldives will clear up an increase in the number of tourists from India in the coming year and plan to present the island power as a land for investment. The Ministry of Tourism is well aware of the fact that 1.5 million tourists arrive in the city, and get 10 million of bookings in hotels and living places on the islands.

Ministr said that 28 new islands have been opened, more flights have been increased, the capacity of the airport for servicing a large number of people will be increased, such a rite of the country will be an aggressively engaging experience

Nadal Maldives also plan to see a test of PLR for people who have a certificate of vaccination, which will transfer more to a tourist visa.

At the current moment, tourists need to confirm their reservation in the tourist institution, registered with the Ministry of Tourism, and give a negative Covid test.

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