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In India, a large-scale forest fire is raging in the largest park with tigers

Bandhavgarh National Park, one of the largest biospheres in India, is currently on fire. The forest fire is raging, and it threatens serious damage. Locals, on the other hand, said that not enough had been done to fight the fire. The fire broke out in isolated areas on Monday and spread to six forests.

Forest fire can have serious consequences for wildlife. Tigers are an integral part of the national park and have apparently already been affected by the fire. The national park is spread over 100 square meters. km and is located on the hills of Windy. It is known that the forest has about 7-8 tigers per square meter. km. It is a favorite among wildlife lovers. It was declared a national park in 1968 and then a nature reserve in 1993.

It is now believed that the cause of forest fires is a man-made situation during the Holi holidays. The forest fire is spreading rapidly due to bamboo clusters and heat wave conditions in the region.

According to local director Vincent Rahim, “We are also surprised how the fire can start in many places. Every effort is being made to keep the fire under control. “

Reports indicate that areas such as Panpata, Tala, Hitoli and Manpur were affected by the fire as it spread from one part to another. Authorities also noted that some wildlife species, including endangered ones, were also affected by the fire.

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