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Two donkeys, Rembrandt and thousands of dollars worth of jewelry: What tourists forget in hotels

For the convenience of guests and tourists, hotels allow pets: the tourist portal The Points Guy has collected some instructive stories about forgotten pets in the rooms.

Let’s start our review of unexpected hotel finds in the United States and Europe with an incident in Las Vegas.

It turned out that the furry find spent seven days in the hotel after the owner’s departure. The owner reported the loss of his pet, and a week later she was found. The cat crawled into a small space under the sink in the guest room.

The animal became an internet celebrity after the next guests (who turned out to be conference veterinarians, by the way) found it and posted a video of it on TikTok.

The feline that stayed in the room is not the only pet missing from the hotel. Last year, British budget hotel chain Travelodge left two donkeys named Daisy and Duke. Pet owners remembered their forgotten friends and quickly returned to pick them up, according to Dorset Echo. A seagull was left at another branch of the chain in coastal Bournemouth.

“With nearly 19 million customers staying at our 580 Travelodge properties in the UK each year, including our six hotels in Dorset, for a thousand different reasons, we do find quite a bit of interesting stuff quite often,” a Travelodge spokesperson told Media.

Another case. Staff at New York’s Moxy Times Square hotel received the usual request for help finding a missing pet. The hotel team was going to look for a dog or a cat, but the missing pet turned out to be a snake. It turned out that the guest’s favorite got lost and slipped into the bathroom. To remove the lost one, the staff had to destroy the toilet.

The list of forgotten valuables also included jewelry for an astronomical amount. A guest staying at the luxury boutique hotel Canaves Oia on the Greek island of Santorini left about $70,000 worth of jewelry in his room safe. Hotel staff recalls the discomfort they felt as they packed Rolex watches, Cartier bracelets, and other fine trinkets into a box and routinely mailed them to the United States.

“The guest was from Los Angeles, so I took it upon myself,” Markos Heidemenos, managing director of Canaves Oia, told reporters. – I had a trip to Las Vegas planned, so I brought the jewelry to the US and then gave it to a trusted friend, a travel agent who was heading to Los Angeles. We were able to provide door-to-door delivery!”

A team at Boston’s Liberty Hotel recently discovered a collection of framed paintings and drawings, including a Rembrandt reproduction. Another notable forgotten valuable item is an $800 hair dryer.

Undoubtedly, as forgetful as guests are, they are also grateful to the hotel staff for finding their beloved pet, even if it is not quite alive. The team at Relais Christine, a boutique hotel on the left bank of Paris, performed the miracle of finding and rescuing a toy animal before flying across the ocean.

The child’s favorite teddy bear was accidentally stuffed into the laundry along with underwear and bedding the day before the family flew back to the US. By noon the next day, the laundry team found the forgotten plush pet. However, the guests had already left the hotel by that time. The stress was exacerbated by the fact that the laundry was 48 kilometers from the hotel in the suburbs of Paris.

As soon as the guests loaded all their luggage into a taxi to the airport, another car arrived – with a Teddy bear. He returned to the hostess and went back to the United States, and the hotel representative commented on the situation: “The girl was about 6 years old, so it was an irreplaceable teddy bear.”

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