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Turkish All Inclusive hotels have learned to save on tourists

The introduction of coronavirus security measures in Turkish all-inclusive hotels proved to be very beneficial to them – in particular, the fact that the amount of food waste in hotels has decreased significantly. This statement was published by the Turkish media. According to their data, the amount of waste has decreased by 40%, and therefore, food for tourists can be purchased by 40% less.

This was achieved by introducing a “serving on a plate” system, when the tourist can not take his own food at the buffet, but must seek the help of a waiter. This measure was introduced as a means of coronavirus security – but according to Turkish hoteliers, it also contributed to savings.

“Tourists could eat as much as they wanted, but to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection, the hotel staff distributed food to vacationers in portions through glass partitions. As a result, the amount of food waste has decreased by 40% – the number of plates on the tables has decreased, portions have decreased, the amount of food that tourists do not eat has decreased, ”Turkish experts say.

As a result, the cost of hotels for food and disposal of uneaten food decreased by the same 30-40%. While hoteliers do not declare that they are ready to introduce such distribution in constant practice. However, it is likely that this will be the case. At least Ukrainian and Russian tourists were not happy with this method of distribution.

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