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Turkey introduces hotel tax

From January 1, a tax on accommodation in hotels, boarding houses, guest houses, and other accommodation facilities began to operate in Turkey. The fee is 2% of the total cost. These conditions apply to an accommodation with an overnight stay. Travel agencies may also include a tax on tours.

At the same time, hoteliers still have no complete understanding of how the process of charging guests will be organized. For example, some hotels intend to issue a separate invoice immediately upon check-in. Others suggest that tour operators include the tax in the cost of package tours. In many hotels, the tax will be sewn into the accommodation rates. Some entrepreneurs agree that there can be confusion in the first few months after introducing the new fee.

It should be noted that some representatives of the Turkish tourist industry asked the state to postpone introducing a new tax for at least another year. Hoteliers explained their request by the fact that when concluding contracts with tour operators for 2023, the new fee was not taken into account.

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