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There will be no more freebies: Turkey may soon abandon the all-inclusive system

Туроператор із турецького міста Сіде Ерол Гюльдал заявив, що Туреччині необхідно відмовитися від системи «все включено» і перейти на систему напівпансіон, щоб отримати більше прибутку.

In Turkey, hoteliers have been asked to abandon the all-inclusive system and switch to half-board to make more money. This position was expressed to the Turkish tourist newspaper Turkiye Turizm by Erol Guldal, a tour operator from Side.

The expert recalled that the half-board system worked in popular Turkish resorts until the 2000s. Only in this way will the tourism sector be able to attract more “wealthy tourists,” Guldal said.

In addition, according to experts, hotel and all-inclusive hotel owners are making it clear that they are not making as much money as they used to. Moreover, suppose a half-board system is soon introduced in the country. In that case, the quality of cuisine in restaurants in Antalya and other popular tourist cities will improve, and gastronomic tourism will become a higher priority.

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