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The hotel maid told why tourists should not make the bed when leaving, and do not leave the TV on

Tourists are not recommended to make the bed themselves – at least if they want to clean it and change the linen. This advice was voiced by a former maid who worked at a resort in Australia.

“A perfectly made bed is not only more difficult to change, but also misleads the staff. If we think you haven’t used the bed at all, we won’t change the sheets. So, it is better to be obvious: they slept on it,” the woman said.

Tourists who suddenly really want to help the hotel staff are advised to fold used towels and sheets so that the staff can easily pick them up. “Every time we stayed in a hotel room, and it was many times, my father collected all the bed linen and put it in a pile of dirty linen. I never understood why until I became a cleaner,” she added.

Another problem that can leave the room without cleaning is the TV. “If you hear that the TV is on in the room, the staff can’t tell if you’re in the room, so they have to call the front desk. This may mean that they need more time to clean the room,” – say experts.

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