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Bedbug chemicals poisoned tourists in an Egyptian hotel and did not survive

A couple of tourists have died after a night in a hotel in Egypt. The couple were poisoned by bed bug chemicals that were used in the next room, The Independent reports.

The tragedy occurred back in 2018, but the cause of death was announced only now, five years later.

Britons John and Susan Cooper came to relax in a five-star hotel in Hurghada. Their daughter and three grandchildren went on the trip with them. One of the granddaughters slept in the couple’s room. But on the very first night, the 12-year-old girl felt ill, and her grandfather took her to her mother.

In the morning, the British did not come down for breakfast, the material says. The worried daughter went up to their room and saw the following picture – her mother was moaning in bed, and her father was choking heavily. As a result, John died right in the room, and his wife was taken to the hospital, where she died a few hours later.

At first, doctors determined that the tourists died due to an acute intestinal infection. But the relatives were confused by two nuances – the heavy smell of dampness in the room that day and the testimony of eyewitnesses who saw three men in uniform and with a canister of chemicals nearby.

It later became known that the residents of the next room had previously complained about a huge number of bedbugs in their beds. They were given a different room, and the one infested with bedbugs was treated with pesticides.

The hotel remains open, but the incident is still under investigation.

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