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All-inclusive resorts are thriving due to growing tourist demand

A new study has shown that the interest in all-inclusive resorts from travelers is growing as the stress of work and family increased during the pandemic.

Data from Wyndham Hotels & Resorts show that 75 percent of travelers believe that the best way to travel is to book an all-inclusive tour, and 77 percent believe that all-inclusive vacation is the least stressful way to travel.

“With the increase in daily stress at work and in the family over the past two years, we have seen a demand for simple, stress-free vacations,” said Wyndham President Scott LePage.

Working from home has changed the way people travel, with 65 percent of respondents planning to take work leave in 2022, with all-inclusive resorts being the most desirable destinations.

“All-inclusive vacations have become increasingly popular in the last two years,” said Andrea Wright, vice president of sales for Playa Hotels & Resorts. “Given all the restrictions on travel, consumers want to spend their holidays without problems, without worrying about leaving the resort. All-inclusive resorts are ideal for a variety of restaurants, spas and entertainment.”

Another 62 percent of travelers said the beach was their main vacation spot this year. When planning a vacation, people pay attention to the following five things: all-inclusive packages, access to the beach, high-quality restaurants, local culture and excursions / activities.

“We are seeing an increased demand for all-inclusive holidays, especially with rising domestic prices,” said Sheila Northcat, president of the Northcutt travel agency. We all want to relax, and sometimes an internal vacation, if it is not planned to the smallest detail, can be a little harder for your pocket than a vacation on an all-inclusive basis.

Weddings have also become an important part of all-inclusive resorts.

“All-inclusive resorts have skyrocketed in the last 18 months. This is especially true of weddings,” said Susie Mkhitaryan, owner of Wanderlust Weddings. “Brides can’t plan their weddings in the United States given the restrictions, so they choose destinations like Mexico and the Caribbean.”

“All-Inclusive gives them the opportunity to shop in one place to make the wedding of their dreams,” Mkhitaryan continues. “Add a recognizable brand name here, and the bride and all her guests will immediately feel confident that the trip will be simply stunning.”

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