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A tourist checked into one of the Las Vegas hotels and found $45,000

A traveler from the United States shared a story about finding $45,000 in cash in a hotel room. He announced this on the Quora portal, The Sun drew attention to his message.

The man who found the money wrote his story on the forum and asked if tourists had experienced similar situations. He said that he came to one of the hotels in Las Vegas and rented a room. As he was putting away his things in the closet, a bag containing $45,000 in cash fell off the top shelf.

The tourist said that there were no identification marks on the bag, so he called hotel security. Representatives of the hotel took the bag and said that if no one asked for it within 30 days, then the man can take the money for himself.

According to the man, the employees called the previous tenants, but no one reported the loss of a large amount. Also, no one contacted the hotel, so the tourist took the money himself. He spent two thousand on charity, and the rest of the money has not yet been paid.

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