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Shooting and soldiers on the streets of Guinea, reported an armed coup

This morning, Guinea woke up from fire and soldiers on the streets in the center of the capital. There is no explanation for the incidents on the Kalum Peninsula in Conakry, where the presidential power, various institutions and offices are located.

There are reports of a coup, according to world agencies. The Western diplomat told AFP that there was “no doubt” an attempted coup in the country.

The only bridge connecting the central metropolitan area of ​​Kalum, where most of the ministry and the presidential palace are located, is blocked, and around the palace are many soldiers, including well-armed.

According to unconfirmed reports, three soldiers were killed.

The authorities of this West African country have not yet commented on the situation.

Kalum residents say they heard a prolonged shooting. Speaking on condition of anonymity about their safety, they said they had seen soldiers on the streets urging residents to return to their homes and stay there.

President Conde was re-elected for a third term last year, and his election was accompanied by violent protests.

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