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10,000 unvaccinated health workers in Greece have been fired

Готовність до страйку оголосив кожен медичний заклад.

10,000 health workers in Greece have been laid off for not being vaccinated against Covid-19. To save their jobs, they had to receive at least the first dose of the vaccine to date.

From September 1, immunization of medical workers in the country is mandatory. The event provoked discontent and protests in front of hospitals.

All medical institutions have announced their readiness for the strike. The government in Athens is adamant that it will not back down.

“Healthcare workers must be vaccinated to protect their health and the health of patients,” insisted Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Doctors have already urged their colleagues to get vaccinated, as they believe that the country’s health care system will be blocked due to lack of doctors due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus. However, others say the government is exposing the health care system in the midst of the fourth wave.

“Today is a very difficult day and the atmosphere in hospitals is tense because there are serious problems with staff and at the same time there are patients who want to be served. We will still have problems due to fewer doctors, ”the medical workers’ union warned.

According to the unions, 95% of doctors and 90% of nurses were vaccinated. And instead of those forced to go on unpaid leave, specialists from the private sector will be appointed.

Today, both pharmacists and private doctors must be vaccinated. They face a fine of up to 50 thousand euros and revocation of their work licenses. Mandatory vaccination of all civil servants is already being discussed.

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