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In Germany, increasing isolation, new rules for travelers

German Chancellor Angela Markel announced the extension of quarantine during a meeting with the governors of 16 federal states. It was previously expected that the lockdown would be until March 28, but has now been extended until April 18. In addition to the expanded blockade, Germany has also introduced some new measures and restrictions.

The country has also made it clear that isolation will affect the Easter holidays. Public life will be largely closed to limit the spread of the virus.

Germany is cautious, as the level of infection has increased significantly with the emergence of a new strain of the virus that has reached the country. A new strain of the virus was first discovered in the UK. With the advent of the new strain, the daily incidence per capita in Germany has exceeded that of the United States.

Chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters in Berlin that the country is now actually a new pandemic.

She said in a statement: “In fact, we have a new virus, obviously of the same type, but with completely different characteristics, much more deadly.

In Germany, the weekly rate per 100,000 people on Monday was 107 patients. About three weeks ago, that number was somewhere around 60. The number of infected has increased dramatically, and this has been made possible by a new strain.

There is also a general rule for the COVID-19 test for travelers boarding a plane bound for Germany. Authorities are also considering providing free testing to all students and school teachers.

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