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Eco-activists “beheaded” the official Christmas tree in Berlin

Eco-activists cut off the top of a Christmas tree in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, DPA reported today.

Members of the Last Generation protest movement used a hydraulic lift to climb to the top of a 15-metre Norman fir tree, decorated with lights and Christmas toys, in one of Berlin’s most historic locations. They unfurled a poster that said “This is just the top of the Christmas tree” and then used a saw to “decapitate” the top of the tree.

“At the moment we are only seeing the tip of a deep climate crisis in Germany,” said environmental activist Lily Gomes, adding that “while the whole of Germany spends the weekend buying the best gifts in the biggest stores, other countries are asking where to find drinking water after drought and floods destroyed their crops.”

According to Gomez, “a climate disaster is looming in Germany, and the federal government is doing nothing to protect us.”

Police said they arrived at the scene and took action against the protesters, but did not provide any details.

Since the beginning of the year, the “Last Generation” movement has blocked the streets of Berlin and other major cities, demanding a radical change in the government’s climate change policy. He also organized protests in museums, stadiums, ministries and airports.

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