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The fourth wave of coronavirus covered European tourism

The recovery of Europe’s tourism sector after the pandemic was imaginary – the fourth wave of coronavirus began, which again covered tourism. Governments will reconsider their measures to combat the coronavirus, which could lead to a sharp increase in freedom of movement. In this case, world tourism is again facing troubled and extremely difficult times.

In the meantime, officials are returning to the anti-restraint restrictions lifted for some time as part of deterrent measures and applying additional security rules. Analyzing the actions of Germany alone, we can see the beginning of panic in tourism in connection with the new outbreaks of covid over Europe.

Local authorities have again identified countries where you can go on holiday abroad. Thus, the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs has classified a number of countries, including Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and the Baltic States, as high-risk areas, while Croatia and Bulgaria have been declared high-risk regions. As for the latest anti-species regulations for tourists, they will take effect on Sunday, October 24.

In addition to these alarming areas, European officials have added countries such as Cameroon, Congo and Singapore, which are now also subject to severe travel warnings.

According to Reuters, the number of daily illnesses in Belgium has jumped to its highest level in almost a year, prompting health experts to say that the fourth wave of infections has begun. Data from the Sciensano Health Institute showed on Friday that about 6,500 new cases were registered in the country on October 18, the same number as on November 10, 2020, a few days before the government introduced a second lockdown.

The 11 million-strong country, home to the European Union and NATO headquarters, had one of the world’s highest death rates from COVID-19 per capita, and is one of the European countries to jump sharply with the onset of winter. morbidity. The number of diseases is growing in the UK, which until recently delayed the opening of popular destinations for beach tourism.

So far, the situation is different in Spain, France, Italy and Poland. A week earlier, these countries were recognized as one of the safest destinations for travel in Europe. However, time will tell how the situation will develop further for tourism.

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