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The European Union is not falling apart, but the risk is growing

Poland has passed a law challenging the rule of EU law – a key principle of EU membership – declaring important articles of EU treaties “incompatible” with the Polish constitution. This again aggravated the country’s relations with the bloc. What’s next?

“What happened in Poland was a decision of the Constitutional Court, which questioned Article 4 of the EU Treaty. This called into question the rule of European law over national law. This is a problem for the whole of the European Union, because things are different. that if treaties and commitments are not adhered to, the EU’s foundation is undermined, ”commented Lyubomyr Kyuchuk, an international Bulgarian analyst.

According to him, the EU treaty has been adopted, signed by all member states, ratified by all parliaments, ie it must be binding.

Kyuchuk added that Poland is a rather pro-European country, and said that he did not consider the thesis of the country’s exit from the EU relevant at the moment.

“This is denied by the Polish government. The example of Brexit and the situation with the United Kingdom are not very inspiring at the moment. The citizens of Poland are pro-European, “he added.

Kyuchuk noted that the problem here is how they see their membership in the EU and even in which European Union they would like to be.

“The Polish government is trying to limit political integration within the EU. Poland is currently trying to return more power to nation states. To solve many problems. Ultimately, the EU should be reduced to a free common market, “said an international analyst in Bulgaria.

According to him, the EU is not falling apart, but the risks are growing.

“Because it is currently the EU’s basic position that is being attacked. Its foundations are subject to erosion. The point is that the rule of European law extends to everyone, and they cannot be changed individually by each country, because then we simply will not have a union, “he said.

Kyuchuk stressed that the risk of erosion of EU rules is more serious than Poland’s exit.

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