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The EU, with the support of 16 countries, will not depend on Russian fossil fuels

The European Commission has said it will offer technical support to Bulgaria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Ireland, Greece, Spain, Croatia, Italy, Cyprus, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia and Finland to end their dependence on Russia. fossil fuels.

The assistance is designed to identify and implement the necessary policy reforms and investments in the field of energy diversification, accelerating the transition to renewable energy sources and improving energy efficiency. These countries have invited such support and will receive it in the coming months, the committee said.

EU Commissioner for Coalition Eliza Ferreira says EU countries have faced an unprecedented energy crisis. On March 21, after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Commission invited EU countries to say what technical support they needed, she added, quoted in the release.

According to her, the EC assistance will provide a medium-term mitigation of rising prices, in particular by accelerating the environmentally friendly transition.

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