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Restrictions have come to an end: European studies have shown that travel bans in the EU have not affected the spread of Omicron

No travel bans or restrictions affected the spread of Omicron. This conclusion, at least in the experience of the European Union, was made in a study by local epidemiologists from the Oxera and Edge Health Associations. As a result, a number of countries began to abandon almost all coercive restrictions, which had a positive effect on tourism: Britain abolished vaccine passports (similar to QR-codes), PCR testing, all hated masks and even quarantine. Iceland has also followed this path. As a result, airlines and tour operators in Britain have already begun to increase their staff in anticipation of a major surge in demand for tours.

As a basis for the study of Oxera and Edge Health was the situation with “Omicron” in Italy and Finland. Both countries introduced additional tests before leaving in December. However, they had no fundamental influence on the situation.

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As a result, other relevant associations have joined the WHO and the UNWTO, which are calling for the removal of “anti-coronavirus” restrictions – including for tourists, as they no longer work, while continuing to ruin the economy. In particular, the International Airport Council (ACI) of Europe and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) say the data confirms the requirements for lifting restrictions and allowing tourists. “It’s a people-oriented approach,” they say.

It will be recalled that one of the countries that was the basis for the study – namely Finland – went further. They stated that the “vaccine qualification” is a violation of human rights. The removal of restrictions in Europe may be further influenced by the example of the Freedom Comvo from Canada, where a revolution has actually begun against the sanitary authorities.

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