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Experts have found out which EU countries have the most hotels

The Statistical Office of the European Union has updated data regarding the number of hotels in different EU countries. Italy took first place in terms of the number of hotels and room capacity.

According to the study, in 2022 there were 621,572 tourism sites in EU countries with a capacity of over 28 million beds.

The largest number of hotels is in Italy – 224,644 tourist sites, which can simultaneously accommodate 5.2 million people. According to these indicators, Italy is ahead of other EU countries.

Croatia takes second place on the list with 110,493 hotels, but most of them have a small number of rooms.

Third place is shared by Spain (56,174 hotels) and Germany (48,742 hotels).

The Greek market consisted of 30,221 hotels, and France – 28,834. Moreover, despite the small number of hotels, France can simultaneously accommodate 5.059 million tourists.

Statistics have confirmed that Italy and France are the most popular countries among tourists. In total, both states offer more than 33.3% of the total volume of hotel beds in the EU. The remaining places in the TOP 5 were taken by Spain (3.7 million hotel beds) and Germany (3.6 million hotel beds).

The Netherlands, Greece, Croatia, and Austria have the least opportunities for accommodating tourists – they can accommodate 1 million travelers at a time.

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