European Parliament resumes its plenary sessions in Strasbourg

For more than a year, the pandemic forced MPs to remain in the Brussels building or participate in meetings virtually. Not everyone wants to return from Belgium to France.

This Christian Democrat from Portugal and 80 of her colleagues signed a letter claiming that many parliamentary officials will temporarily change jobs without being vaccinated against Covid-19.

“A significant number of parliamentary staff will have to be relocated and this could be a risk factor,” said Lydia Pereira. – So I think it would be wiser to wait for a higher vaccination rate. We could get to Strasbourg in a safer way than we do today. And in Strasbourg itself, we are under great restrictions, because it is still closed. So it will be an unusual experience. “

Additional inconveniences are created by the requirement to submit a negative PCR test result upon arrival in France, and quarantine upon returning to Belgium or home. Confusion may arise upon presentation of various certificates issued by national authorities.

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The MEP from Strasbourg is going to approve the introduction across the EU of a single document indicating the absence of coronavirus:

“I find it symbolic that we are going to vote in Strasbourg for a European covenant certificate that will facilitate border crossing formalities,” said Fabienne Keller. “This will help restore the regime of the Schengen Free Movement Area, which is an important conquest of the European Union. Please note that some of the staff are from Brussels, but not all. “

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The plenary session this time is hybrid: some deputies will participate in debates and vote by remote communication, while others – in person.

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