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Europe is moving to digital passports: tourists have started downloading apps

Classic passports are left in the past, and the transition to a digital version of documents instead of traditional paper ones has been launched in Europe. Finland became the pioneer of the pilot project in the EU, announcing its readiness to test a digital passport. Instead of the standard document required to enter the country, the Finnish authorities suggest that travelers voluntarily download a mobile application containing digital copies of travel documents. According to Finnish media, tourists have already started downloading the program.

The EU Commission has long been urging EU member states to check their digital passport documents. The goal of the new program is to oblige tourists to travel throughout Europe using a mobile application. In this regard, the European Commission requires some member states to conduct a pilot project on their territory, the Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat reported.

Finland became the first participant in the program. Officials are already offering tourists to use a special application that replaces a regular passport. In addition, the Finnish authorities have prepared an application for project financing to the EU Commission. According to open information, the new requirements will help speed up the process of traveling and passing border control. The information in the application will be checked in advance and will be deleted at the end of the trip.

The Digital Passport program will also be implemented in Croatia. It is assumed that a similar project will be launched there.

In Ukraine, digital passports have been working in the DIYA application for several years.

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